We are food media that delivers Japanese culture.

We are running a sushi and vegetable restaurant in Tokyo, Japan, and distributing interesting information about Japanese food culture to people all over the world!

How to use this service?

If you are traveling to Japan, ask us and we will be happy to help you.

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Book a hotel that is recommended for you.

Here are the restaurants.

We can recommend some restaurants for you. We will introduce you to some of the most popular local restaurants as well as some of the most expensive ones.

Taking the video for you.

You will be fine just being in your home country. We will take pictures of Japanese restaurants and cityscapes as you instruct us.

Sending you things.

We can send products and foodstuffs available in Japan to you. We can ship via EMS or FedEx or shipping.

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We're running a restaurant!

UUAN serves aged tuna, game meat from Kyoto, and vegetables from the Miura Peninsula. We accept customer requests for sashimi, tamagoyaki, hand-rolled sushi to-go, in-store lunch/dinner, and private parties via Instagram messages. We look forward to your messages, comments, and following us on Instagram.

Yanaka UUAN
game meat and Sushi

It may be the best tuna dish in the world.

About the Executive Chef

Our executive chef is a wonderful person who trained in Ginza, France, and has experience as a head chef of a Japanese restaurant in Mexico.

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